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Sunday, August 1, 2021

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Spencer Claussen, FNP

Spencer Claussen

Spencer Claussen has been living in Prescott for most of his life. He attended Chino Valley School District and attended Yavapai College in 2004. Spencer completed his first degree in nursing at Yavapai College in 2010 and later attended Grand Canyon University for a Bachelors's in Nursing. Following that, Spencer attended Simmons University in Boston in 2017. 

His main area of interest has been with urgent care, long-term care, and hospice care. In his own words, "I  really found my calling in hospice when I met people in their own home and watched them and their families overcome major tragedies. It was with hospice that I really felt the reward of connecting with people on that deep of a level. And I continue that aim of connecting with my patients as they bring their own experiences of tragedy now at CHCY."

"Here, we are able to care for the underserved and really make a difference in their lives. We have a wonderful team that shows, every day, how much they care; about going above and beyond for our patients. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to help others and to listen to their stories and be a part of this team. I truly intend on staying in this area until I retire.

Spencer is married to the love of his life who works as a family nurse practitioner and they have 3 children together. 


Department: Family Medicine

Years at Community Health Center of Yavapai: 4

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