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Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Dental Work Can Change Your Life

Jose came into our dental clinic on July 21, 2015 for his Comprehensive Evaluation and full set of dental x-rays.  His chief complaint was the two window crowns from his front teeth that were placed in Mexico several years ago.  They were unaesthetic and bulky causing him to be self-conscious and unhappy about his smile for many years.
After Dr. Graziano completed his dental evaluation, it was determined that Jose had twelve other teeth that required restorations aside from his chief complaint.  Dr. Graziano informed our patient that he would have to restore his dentition to eliminate all caries before he could address his aesthetic concerns.  Jose requested to have end-of-day appointments so he wouldn’t  request too much time off from his employer. He pre-scheduled several appointments in advance and began all his dental work.  
Dr. Graziano introduces all ceramic crowns as a treatment plan option for our patients at Community Health Center of Yavapai.  Jose’s case is the perfect example of why having aesthetic options in a community health center can  help transform lives.  

It took Jose over three months and almost $2800 to complete all his dental work and have the beautiful smile that he has always desired.  
The most gratifying feeling of being a dental assistant was witnessing his wife and all his children waiting for him in the lobby to see the final results of his hard work and alignment to improving his overall dental health and new outlook in life. 

Since Jose’s case was completed, his brother Juan has established his care with CHCY and completed his Comprehensive dental evaluation.  He arrived at our office with the same chief complaint and the same desire to transform his life with a new and improved healthy smile.

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